Islas Tortugas or Turtle Islands

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The Islas Tortuga or Turtle Islands are just 3 kilometers from the main beach of Curú Wild Life Refuge. Departure is at 9am from Curu beach, inside Curu Wildlife Refuge, but we recommend to be at least 15 minutes before, to get ready. The trip takes about 10 minutes on boats with outboard motors. For snorkeling details

The waters are calm and are protected by the same islands. During the boat tour, it is common to see dolphins, humpback whales, turtles and seabirds. Trees and vegetation adorn the sedimentary rock that forms the coastline between Curu and Islas Tortuga.




The principal island is named Tolinga, is about 120 hectares (296 acres) and has two white sand beaches with palm trees and crystalline waters. The Mortero Islands are part of this group and are considered as being the best place for snorkeling in the east coast of the Nicoya Peninsula.



On the main beach of the island, we have a special place with tables and benches on top of teak tree trunks, where we offer our guests fresh fruits, sodas and snacks in appreciation for your visit. As part of our compromise with nature, we visit a beach that is part of the main island but has fewer visitors, sometimes is only our group at the beach. Return to Curú is scheduled at 12:15, but you can ask our staff for the option of staying longer. This tour has been designed so you can enjoy the beach in the morning when there are fewer visitors in the islands, and enjoy nature at Curú in the afternoon. We return to Curu by a different route which will provide us with the memorable experience of crossing under Rainbow Rock or Arco Iris.


We recommend comfortable clothing for the beach in addition to sunscreen, glasses, hat and other types of protection from the hot sun. When you snorkel, it is necessary to protect your back as it is the area most exposed to the sun.





Boats depart every day around 9 am from Curu beach, and we recommend you be there 15 minutes before so you have time to select the snorkeling gear that best fits you. The boat will take you in a 10 minutes ride to the islands. Snorkeling is from the boat and you will have about 1hr to explore the area around Morteros Islands. The boat will stop at Tortuga beach for 2 hrs, so you will return to Curu around 12:30 to continue with other activities if desired. If you need to schedule a different time for departure or for getting back please let us know, there´s no extra charge.


Rates for the Tour to Islas Tortuga or Turtle Islands
Boat tour with fruits, drinks and snacks   Lunch at the island or at Curu
$ 30   $ 10

A minimum of 2 people is required

Add $15 for the admission fee to Curu Wild Life Refuge

Curu is open from 7am till 4pm, every day.

Write for details and reservations