Paquera Coastal Sport Fishing

We invest about 40% of our incomes in projects that help the environment.

We own 24-foot boats with outboards for coastal fishing in the southern part of the Gulf of Nicoya, in Paquera, near the Islas Tortuga, where fish called Mahi Mahi, Mackerels and Sailfish are caught among others. Some fish like the Rooster, Snappers and Groupers may surprise you in the south coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. Many of these species are migratory, so in the months of November through February is expected the arrival of the Mahi Mahi, renowned for their strength and jumping ability.


With the support of Tourism Curú, in the year 2014 was established  the Responsible Fishing Area in Paquera and Tambor, which cover  80 km of coastline that are under a special type of management to ensure sustainability for many more years. Our company supports small local fishermen offering some local fishing tours, operated by local fishermans. The dolphins or even whales are seen near the sites of responsible fishing, ensuring their preservation and proteccón. Dolphins visit this area to feed on the abundant fish that lives in the area. The whales come here seasonally to give birth to their offsprings, away from the frozen waters of their feeding sites


Some birds are seen regularly looking for fish to feed themselves and their young. Among the most common that you can spot are: gulls and Boobys. With the establishment of the  Responsible Fishing area,  protection of birds and their offspring is achieved.



The elegant pelicans are always waiting for an easy snack. They are the faithful companions of fishermen, they are present at all times of the year though it is in the dry season when they nest on nearby islands.

Coastal Sport Fishing  
4 hourss All day  
$ 350 $ 900  

Maximum four people per boat
Include fruits and drinks.

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