Snorkeling in Islas Tortuga (Turtle Islands) Costa Rica

We invest about 40% of our incomes in projects that help the environment.


From the main beach inside Curu Wild Life Refuge, our company will transport you by boat to Islas Tortuga, famous in Costa Rica for snorkeling and its beauty. The trip takes about 10 minutes by a sea that is normally smooth and safe. Departure is scheduled at 9 am, however you can contact us for a different time of the day.

On the way to the islands, you will enjoy the beautiful coastline together with some marine life. The exciting experience of going with the boat through the hole in the rock called Arco Iris (Rainbow Rock) is one of the best parts of the tour. Our staff will take you on the boat tour showing you the wildlife and explaining the reason for the name of the islands and some of its history.

altFor snorkeling, we take you with the boat to the group of islands named Morteros. If you don´t snorkel, we can drop you at the main beach to relax and feel as in Paradise. This snorkeling site is famous for a large number of colorful fish and some corals. In the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica there´s not much hard coral, but lots of fish and shellfish that keeps your attention. Among the most common species, you will find the King Angel Fish, Cortez Angel Fish, Damsels, Starfish, eels, gobies and many others.


After about 1hr of snorkeling, our captain will take you to the main island. We visit a beach that is next to the main one, so there will be fewer visitors on this beach that is part of the main island, where our staff will prepare some fresh fruits, sodas, and snacks, in addition, you can sunbathe or swim. We will stop on this beach for about 2 hours, however, you can ask the staff for the option of staying longer on the islands, he will tell you about the option of taking back another of our boats, depending on that day´s schedule.

altNo reservation is required for the tour, just by being at our office inside Curu Wild Life Refuge. 15 minutes before departure time you can buy the ticket for the boat, and you can experience this adventure. Only if lunch is required then we will ask you to call or write one day in advance to make a down payment for the formal reservation.

On the Islas Tortuga tour, if you want to add lunch, then we need you to contact us to make a reservation. The cost for lunch is $10,  and you can choose between fish, chicken or vegetarian. It is prepared with fresh local fish from the Sustainable Fishing Area that we support, all served by our staff on the island or you can ask for lunch to be ready at Curu Wildlife Refuge after the snorkeling tour.

Prices for Tour to Islas Tortuga o Turtle Islands
Boat with fruits, sodas and snacks   Lunch o at Curu
18000 colones    

-a minimum of 2 people is required

-Upon entering the park you must pay the  entry fee

-Curú is open from 7 am to 4pm, every day.


Write for details and reservations