Boat Tours and Transportation

We offer shuttle boats to different sites in the area. In addition to special or private tours designed according to your needs.

We invest about 40% of our incomes in projects that help the environment.

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Some of the boat tours to the island of the Nicoya Peninsula are:

playa-organos Órganos Beach

Playa Órganos is in the northeast part of Curú. 6 km from the ferry dock near Paquera town. The 3 km gray-sand beach has a river or estuary in the middle of it. This river is navigable at high tide.

It takes about 10 minutes from Curú beach by boat or 40 minutes by kayak.


playa-queasaraPlaya Quesera

Playa Quesera is part of Curú Wild Life Refuge. This beach is about 100 mts long (300 ft) with fine white sand form from dead coral and shells.

Takes about 5 minutes to reach the beach by boat or 30 by kayak.


altTortuga Islands

The Islas Tortuga or Turtle Islands are considered one of the most beautiful beaches in our country. It is about 15 minutes away by boat or 1hr by kayak. You can snorkel, swim or just relax on the beautifull scenery with white sand and palm trees, suitable for all age groups. On the boat tour you will learn about the names of the islands and about the nature and history of the group of islands.


alt Isla San Lucas.

This place is about 30 minutes from Curú by boat and is a protected area of about 500 hectares. Formerly it was one of the worst offenders in the country were sent, to be forgotten by society.





Many died on the island and many others trying to escape from it. One José León Sanchez, later became famous when he wrote a book titled La Isla de los Hombres Solos which was made into a film.

On the island there are paintings made by prisoners, as well as modules or punishment cells.

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