Sun set-Bioluminescence Tour  in Curú Wildlife Refuge, in the Peninsula of Nicoya.

We invest about 40% of our incomes in projects that help the environment.


This bioluminescence tour is more than just an hour trip sea kayaking at night. It's a three-hour interactive experience where different scenery is combined. Sun set, beach time and swimming with the bioluminescence.

We leave from the beautiful beach at the Curú Refuge, where you can also spot a large number of wild animals easy to observe and photograph. This tour from Curú is by boat.

We offer another option that starts from Paquera, 150 east of the ferry pier. This other option is by kayak, we paddle around the coast to see the sun set and observe nature. Then we stop at a place to swim with the bioluminescence.


 This tour starting from Curú Wildlife Refuge can be combined with other tours, like snorkeling at isla Tortuga starting at 12:30 and continue with the bioluminescence  tour, so both tours will end at 7:30. You can do guided nature guide before the tour inside Curu. We can quote the tours depending on what you will like to do on the same day.



We leave at 5pm from the calm bay of Curú beach toward Isla Tortuga beach, a beautiful white sand beach that is part of  a sustanable fishing  area. The distance to go is about 5km and takes about 20 minutes by boat to the beach.













Once at the paradisiacal  beach, you can relax on its fine white sand to watch the beautiful sunset, while enjoying fresh fruit and drinks on the house.

There is time to swim in the clear waters  just before the staff gives an explanation of the phenomenon of bioluminescence, what cause it and why we can observe it.






When night falls, you can observe the phenomenon of the lights in the water, caused by organisms that react to movement. You can observe this phenomenon from the edge of the beach or dare to swim, so you can enjoy the halo of light around the body when floating on water.

We also provide snorkeling masks so you can see the beautiful underwater natural neon lights.




The trip back will start at 7:00 pm (19hr) to be on the Curú beach at  7 30 pm, which offers facilities such as showers and washrooms.  You can go out of Curú after the tour.







Cost per person
    Bioluminescence  tour, boat, fruits and sodas
 Now 18000 colones (Regular price, $55 )

A minimum of two people is required to schedule the tour.

Add  the admission fee to Curu Wild Life Refuge

Curu is open from 7 am till 4 pm, every day.


 Contact us for details and bookings