Water Activities:

 We invest about 40% of our incomes in projects that help the environment.


Isla Tortuga  Tours

Are carried out daily by boat from the main beach of Curu Wild Life Refuge, where on the island you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and the calm and crystal water of the white sand beach. The ride takes about 10 minutes on a boat with outboard motors. On the way to the island you can observe the sedimentary rocks covered with trees and see some marine animals. You can also learn about the names and history of the islands.



We visit small islands off the main beach of Islas Tortuga. The boat leaves from the main beach at Curu Wild Life Refuge and travels for about 10 minutes to the group of island named Turtle Islands. Your can carry your own equipment for snorkeling or rent a set for $5. (snorkel, fins, mask). Snorkeling sites are accessible only by boat, but shallow and calm. If wanted you can ask the captain for a life jacket to float and watch the fish from the surface.



We rent them by the hour for those who may prefer to paddle in the Curu bay or in the estuary or the Curu River. Another option is to visit the white sand beach of Quesera or Poza Colorada, about 30 minutes east of Curú. For the more experience ones Islas Tortuga is about 1 hr from Curú. We offer the open kayaks for two people or the sit-on-top, and the close one. We offer guided kayak tours to different areas around Curu or Islas Tortuga.




Diving sites are on the south part of Turtle Islands, the average depth is 45 ft or 15mts, visibility is around 30ft or 10mts, temperature is warm most time of the year. The pacific waters are rich in colorful tropical fish, but little coral. We are a company that works under PADI standards.

This divng tours are for experienced dives but also for those who haven´t had the opportunity to explore the magic world under the ocean surface. For those who haven´t dived or have no certification we offer the Discovery, one day course or the Open Water Diver Course in three days




Designed for those people without experience that want to have the basic understanding of scuba diving. The instructor will provide basic practical knowledge of diving equipment use and the student will learn four skills for his own safety while diving. The dives are from the boat off the main island of the Turtle Islands. Depth is around 4mts or 12 ft, and bottom time is around 45minutes. Our crew knows the areas well, so will take our students to the best sites, considering the tides, weather and currents.




Designed for persons over 10 years old. In a short time (3 days) you will get certified as a Padi Open Water Diver. Courses are taught at any time of the year. Contact us to coordinate the start-up.

If you completed the theory part in another dive center or through Internet, we can complete the dives for your PADI certificate




alt ADVANCE OR AVENTURES IN DIVING. This course enables the Open Water Diver to get more knowledge and skills in different marine environments such as deep diving, drift diving, night diving, underwater navigation, marine species identification and other specialties

RESCUE: With this level you may get more expertise in the rescue of people with problems in the water or submerged objects rescue. Part of this training is to get a certification in primary care, something we can also do.

UNDER WATER GUIDE OR DIVE MASTER: with this course you get trained to guide groups of divers underwater and also to get more experience conducting groups of people in snorkeling or Discovery Courses.



The fishing tours start early in the morning, the 24 ft boats have outboard motors and can fit 4 people. Half day or 4 hrs is the average time to take you to the south part of Islas Tortuga looking for the Dolphin fish (Dorado) Macarel, Jacks and other species


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