DISCOVERY - One day experience



Discovery experience is designed so you can do a test dive and be able to find out if you will like to do the hall PADI OPEN WATER DIVER course. The experience takes place in confine waters that can be a swimming pool or in shallow water in the ocean. The first part is an explanation of the parts of the gear and how they work, together with some skills necessary to do a safe dive. As part of the teaching we perform the 4 skills explained before and necessary for a safe dive.





These skills allow you to learn some safety techniques and how to control any situation under water. At the same time the diver starts getting use to the gear and felling more confident. This session takes place in shallow water and under a controlled environment so you can learn step by step.





Ones the new divers fell confident and have everything under control we take them to the diving site use for this activity and for open Water Courses. These are boat dives, but if the client wants to do the dive from shore we have sites for this special request. The best diving sites are near Islas Tortuga. Total time of the immersion is of about 45 minutes, depending on the use of air, and the depth is of about 4 meters or 12 feet.




Some times divers have the wrong idea that going deeper is better and that you will see more, but the best is to dive with someone that knows the area so they can take you to the best places, and some times this sites are shallow areas where colors are nicer and the dive is safer as well. Ones finished this activity the student can decide to continue through the all OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE that will take 3 days (intensive).



The Discovery experience includes:

* Instruction

* Shallow water practice

* One dive or immersion.

* All diving gear

* Visit to the Islas Tortuga

* Fruits and snacks on the main island

1 immersion $116  
2 immersions $155