The Curu Wildlife Reserve

We invest about 40% of our incomes in projects that help the environment.

alt The Curú Wildlife Refuge has a great variety of wildlife, and is an ideal place to see and enjoy nature in a safe and relaxed manner. More than 232 bird species, 78 species of mammals, 87 of reptiles, 25 amphibians and 500 species of plants live in this area.



Curú is considered as one of the best places in Costa Rica to observe wildlife. Within its limits and sprawling into neighbuoring areas, you will find birds, deers, reptiles, and many different amphibians. In the Curú farmlands sustainable agriculture and livestock coexist in total harmony with wild animals.



Here you can find three of the four primates of Costa Rica: howler, capuchin and (the re-introduced) spider monkeys. Another re-introduction project focuses on the Red Lapa (Papagallo). See Eco-Projects.

Among other places to enjoy are the gray sands of Curú Beach and the beautiful Quesera Beach(white sand), and you can also enjoy horseback riding, or just walk through any of the 17 hiking paths in the Refuge.

The Curú Wild Life Refuge was established with the main objetive of preserving the bio-diversity of the zone.

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